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About us

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About us

Founded in 1984 CMI is a company with extensive experience in immigration medical exams for the Government of the United States and recently for the governments of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and England.

Our main feature is the commitment to offer quality, care, respect and courtesy to all applicants.

Clínica Médica Internacional has been renowned over the years as the best clinic in the world with this purpose.

Why choose us?
  • Human and highly trained staff under the guidelines offered by the Government of the United States.
  • Timely attention, respect and cordiality for you and your family.
  • Comfortable facilities with the best technology to provide a friendly and professional atmosphere.
  • Best location due to the proximity with the General Consulate of the United States.

To complete the application process for all immigrant visas and some type of non-immigrant visas de consulates of the United States of America, Canada and Australia require applicants to be examined by an authorized doctor.

Quality policy

At CMI we perform comprehensive and reliable medical examinations, through our friendly and timely service, led by our qualified, multifunctional staff and in permanent training which allows us to improve our processes continuously.

Our mission is to strengthen international public health by conducting world-class migratory medical examinations.

      Clínica Médica Internacional seeks to be a leader in its field by being social and environmental responsible.

          We aabide by the highest ethical standards, acting according to the stipulated laws and regulations of the different governments for which service is provided.

          We constantly improve our knowledge and processes to perform world class medical examinations.

          We treat people with courtesy and patience. We respect the dignity of everyone.

          We work as a team in order to achieve the efficiency, speed and welfare of the applicants.

          Privacy is of outmost imporantce. We strive to protect the personal information of all applicants. Informations as detailed in the guidelines provided the Consulate and detailed in our privacy consent.