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are required?

*All applicants must complete the vaccination schedule established by the health authorities of the United States. Our staff specialized in the area of vaccines will review your previous schemes, do not forget to bring them.

 Newly born 2-6 Months 6-11 Months 12-18 Months 19 Months – 4 Years 5-6 Years 7-18 Years 19-64 Years 65+ Years
Hepatitis B Hepatitis B Hepatitis B Hepatitis B Hepatitis B Hepatitis B Hepatitis B Tdap Tdap
DTaP DTaP DTaP DTaP DTaP Tdap MMR Influenza
Polio Polio Polio Polio Polio MMR Varicela Neumococica PCV13 o PPSV23
HiB HiB HiB HiB MMR Varicela Influenza
Rotavirus (6 semanas-8 Meses) Neumococica PCV13 Neumococica PCV13 Neumococica PCV13 Varicela Influenza Varicela
Neumococica PCV13 Influenza (6 Meses) Hepatitis A MMR Influenza Meningococcal
Influenza Varicela Hepatitis A Hepatitis A
Av. Ramón Rivera Lara, Las Lunas 9020, 32543 Cd Juárez, Chih.
(800) 801-8585
Monday to Friday
06:00 a 11:00 hrs.


Check which vaccines you need to apply at the time of your immigration medical exam. * Costs are assigned by the American Consulate and not by the clinic.
DTaP $60 Dlls
Polio (IPV/Salk) $50 Dlls
Rotavirus $75 Dlls
Hepatitis A $35 Dlls
Varicela $60 Dlls
Influenza $46 Dlls
TDaP $60 Dlls
MMR $40 Dlls
HiB $32 Dlls
Hepatitis B $30 Dlls
Neumocócica $95 Dlls
Meningocócica $125 Dlls

You're in
Good Hands

Vaccines are an important part of the requirements for your immigration medical exam and for the American visa or residency process. The missing vaccines will be applied in our clinic. Check the cost of each vaccine.

Upon arrival at the clinic, our specialized staff in the area of vaccines will review your previous schedules, do not forget to bring them, to validate the vaccines that meet the requirements.

• Any receipt correctly issued will be accepted. Please, do not risk your process with documents of dubious issue.

• PPD. If the tuberculosis skin test / PPD has been applied, submit proof that includes the date of application, reaction measurement and treatment received.

It is important NOT to apply vaccinations 30 days before your medical examination, as this will alter the results.

Clinic specialized in Immigration Medical Examinations, authorized by the American Consulate.

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