Immigration Medical Exam

At CMI we are a clinic authorized by the American Consulate, which performs the Immigration Medical Exams required by the Consulate, as part of your residency process.

Reliability of Results

Highly trained staff
Reliable exams
Regulated by the American Consulate
Instant exam results for people 65 years and older

Step 1

Documents reception

  • Consulate citation sheet
  • Valid passport
  • Full registration with personal information
close up of woman hand with blank questionnaire or form

Step 2

Eye Exam

If you wear glasses, bring them with you.

Step 3

Urine test

Only patients 18 to 24 years of age

Step 4

Blood test

Only patients older than 2 years.

Step 5

Chest X-Ray

This x-ray focuses on the chest area.

Step 6

General Medical Examination

General review of each patient.

Step 7


  • Review of the vaccination schedule.
  • Application of missing vaccines required by the American Consulate.
  • You will receive a provisional American vaccination record.
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We offer the best service!

We offer the best service!


Both the medical exam and the vaccines are paid directly at our clinic and you can do it in the following ways

Pesos or Dollars
Credit or Debit (VISA, MasterCard y AMEX)

Clinic specialized in Immigration Medical Examinations, authorized by the American Consulate.

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